Reach a Higher Level of Wellness from La Plata Wellness Center

Wellness Center in La Plata, MD

Our intimate wellness center strives to provide an encouraging and safe atmosphere for every client. All programs are based on each individual’s needs and abilities. In conjunction with our physical therapists, we can create personalized exercise programs for persons preparing for joint replacement and recuperation following general surgery. We also customize exercise sessions to individuals looking to enhance athletic performance skills and exercise weight loss programs.

At La Plata Wellness Center, our employees are experienced in the preventive fields of exercise science and personal training with a therapeutic focus. Our staff is dedicated to the benefit and well-being of our clients.

Wellness Training in La Plata, MD

Program and Service Goals:

  • Enhance awareness of the positive effects of health and wellness on persons of all ages
  • Advocate self-responsibility for our clients’ health
  • Encourage independence in self-care and maintenance for those battling extenuating circumstances such as diabetes, lymphedema, Parkinson’s, stroke, cancer, and heart surgeries
  • Heighten awareness of behaviors which inhibit health and perpetuate disease
  • Promote increased performance in activities of daily living
  • Social interaction and communication
  • Support the health and well-being of our clients and their family members

For more information on how our wellness center could help you, call us at 301-392-5054.