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What is
Aquatic Therapy?

In short, aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy service that involves exercising in water. La Plata Physical Therapy and Wellness Inc offers this state-of-the-art therapy in addition to our various other services in our La Plata, MD, clinic. We are equipped with a cutting-edge HydroWorx hydrotherapy pool where patients can perform their aquatic therapy with the guidance and direction of our experienced team.

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Hydrotherapy pool at La Plata Physical Therapy in La Plata, MD

Our HydroWorx Hydrotherapy Pool

Inside our HydroWorx hydrotherapy pool is an integrated variable speed treadmill. It is also equipped with an underwater camera and viewing monitor, used to re-educate a patient on how to walk properly after suffering from an injury.

Resistance jets can be used for sports specific training and cardiovascular conditioning. Jets can also be adapted to provide deep tissue massage. The therapeutic temperature also promotes pain-free movement.

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Physical therapy assistant teaching a patient about aquatic therapy at La Plata Physical Therapy and Wellness in La Plata, MD

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Performing therapeutic exercises in our HydroWorx hydrotherapy pool have a wide range of benefits, including increased circulation and a decrease in weight-bearing activities. This helps decrease stress on joints while also increasing strength and mobility. We may recommend aquatic therapy for various reasons, including recovery after an injury or surgery or certain conditions such as fibromyalgia.

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